Our Vision

Since 1999, Minds i has been bringing the visions of clients and colleagues in the television, video, streaming media and film industries to the screen.

When your concept, project or program requires talented and creative professionals to collaborate with you throughout the process, Minds i has the experience to take your concept or idea and make it larger than life!

Whether you require help with crafting the pitch, developing the scripts or storyboards, creating a sizzle tape and mulit-format pitch deck, we have the tools and talent to do it affordably, while testing the waters through a network of development executives across all the major distribution outlets. Whether you need seasoned writers, producers, award winning cinematographers, stylists, gaffers, grips, animators or editors, Minds i will build the team to accomplish the goals and get your project in front of the target network buyer.

“If you can see it in your mind’s eye, there are no limits!”

Our mantra

At Minds i, we believe that individualism begins with an eye. A distinctive eye. One that sees things from a uniquely singular perspective.

Storytelling through tv, film, video, and motion graphics is the ultimate medium to visually connect with the hearts and minds of an audience.

We love to collaborate on projects in the works by other companies too. We don’t have to drive the process, we can help round out your team. So whether you need a skilled camera crew for an important scene or day of shooting, coordination help for an elusive interview, or a multi-language crew for a live event, we'll bring our trusted relationships to the forefront to insure a great outcome and a memorable experience for all involved.


Our executive producer

“As Executive Producer, I believe that dedication and a focused attention to detail are what drive a successful production — one that compels an audience to action.”

By combining the eye of an experienced producer, with the skills of top-notch technicians, craftsmen and artists using cutting edge equipment and resources, the result will be captivating film, video, or television content that satisfies both your vision and your budget.